Service Families

As a school we understand the unique challenges that military families face. We are working hard to meet the specific needs of service children and have put the following support in place which is available to all service and ex-service children:

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Our Service Champion is Mrs Robinson, she is a wife of a serving soldier and has her own children. She understands and has personal experience of the complex needs and issues of a military lifestyle. Emotional pastoral child support can be arranged if required.

Mrs Robinson runs a regular club called Rainbow Club for all children with parents in the armed forces. This is a great opportunity for the children to share their stories about military life and make new friends who are in a similar situation to themselves. They play games, take part in craft sessions, talk and much more. The children voted for the club name and contribute with activity ideas. The club provides a safe space where they can benefit from peer and adult support.

Rainbow Club Display – The children have taken ownership of their own display which celebrates their military background. If you have any military items that you wish to donate or would like to share with Rainbow Club then please let me know.

Some of the activities we have been up to include, creating poppies for our school display, making poppy crosses to be laid in the school grounds and tasting current ration packs which included cereal bars, cola bottles and apple turnovers.  

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