Parent/Pupil Voice

At Primrose Lane we are very keen to always allow children to talk about school in a constructive way. They are the people who matter. This year we will be developing the opportunites for Pupil Voice by running clubs such as Eco Club, Reading Rockets, International Club etc.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to fill out the parent survey about transition, we have drawn up the results. The positive comments were super to read and the comments about improving our provision will be fed in to our school practise so many thanks.

Healthy Club

Today, we began by discussing what we could do in healthy club and how we can promote health in school. 
The children shared their views on how they could keep healthy and the importance of a healthy mind and body.
In our first meeting the children focused their thoughts on how we could improve exercise opportunities in school. 
After sharing a range of idea’s we decided that creating an obstacle course at lunchtimes would be fun and encourage everyone to have a go. 
The children then drew their vision of what they would like to have at our first Primrose Lane Obstacle course and gave suggestions of what it could be called.  Some of the suggestion were; The Fantastic Club, Fun Exercise Club, Easy Club, The Bullseye.  We are still deciding what it should be called!
All the children have already offered to man the course when it is ready and encourage children to use it at lunchtime, they even suggested an ordering system so we didn’t have too many children on it at any one time.

Eco Club


Today, Eco club met up for a special mission - to go litter picking in the playground!

The children gloved up and all had a role to play. They worked very well together.

Today Eco Club met up for the second time, we made some posters to display round the school to show our club values. The children were very excited and proud to wear their new eco club badges. 



We are Eco Club! This group of keen and caring children will work with Miss Wright to improve the environmental impact of our school and within our homes. We will learn about the devastating impact of climate change, habitat damage and all about where waste goes. The children have told me that they would love to do some upcycling crafty projects out of recyclable materials, what a great idea!  In addition, we will discuss the power of activism and research the works of Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough. We will work towards making an informative project to present our voice to the rest of the school and inspire others. 

“I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.”- Greta Thunberg

International Club

Children discussed the importance of knowing about other countries and their cultures. The children decided that this year the school would focus on learning about Asia. Each class is going to focus on finding out about an Asian country.


Reading Rocket Club


We would like you to meet the Primrose Lane Reading Rockets. Mrs. Harrison and the Reading Rockets have decided to make poetry a key focus in Primrose Lane over the coming months. The Reading Rockets will be sharing their poems with classes and making an exciting poetry display. We will be making links with the author A F Harrold who will hopefully be writing poems to our school over the next coming half term. 

School Council


At the beginning of this term our new School Council was formed.

Our first decision was which charities we would support and we agreed that we would like to wear yellow and have a cake sale for St. Margaret’s Hospice. All of the parents and children were incredibly generous and in total we raised an amazing £426.65 for the charity!

Today in assembly we had a very special pair of visitors come to say thank you. David from St Margaret’s Hospice brought his friend the bee to personally thank all of the children for their tremendous effort! The children were very surprised and very happy to see them.

Today we had the first meeting of the new School Council. we discussed the objectives of a council and shared ideas of how we can move forward. We agreed on some new fundraising ideas and spoke about special day ideas. Watch this space for future events! 


Mental Health Champions




We learnt about the next two strategies in assembly today -

strategy 5 and

strategy 6 relaxation


Today, two of the mental health champions taught us about

strategy 3 – recognising emotions and

strategy 4 – exercise




Today we started to think about the Children’s Mental Health week that is coming up next week. As part of this the mental health champions will be leading assemblies. Today it was led by a year 6 girl who designed and organised the whole assembly herself. The children chose different scenarios and then we had discussions about what strategies we could use to help in those situations. It was a fantastic start to the focus week.

On Wednesday 24th January the Mental Health Champions had a really productive meeting. They have decided to share their learning with the other key stage 2 children and will be doing short presentations in assemblies to teach them about the 10 strategies. They are going to work in pairs and teach the others about:
1. Take 6 breaths.     
2. Positive affirmations.
3. Observing emotions.    
4. The importance of exercise. 
5. The importance of sleep.  
6. Relaxation.       
7. Enjoying your hobbies.  
8. Journalling.  
9. Solving problems together.  
10.  Little acts of kindness.


On Friday 20th October the Mental Health Champions presented their second assembly. They had made a powerpoint and added in videoed scenarios that they shared with the Key stage 2 children. There were some really good discussions about what strategies we can use if we are feeling unhappy, worried or left out. The children remembered that they can help eachother and they can also talk to a trusted adult.

Poppy S used her own time to develop a powerpoint all about Mental Health. On Thursday she worked with two of her friends to present this powerpoint in the Key stage 2 assembly. The children loved hearing all the information.

Mental Health

On Wednesday the Mental Health Champions met to talk about how they can share their knowledge to help others to stay mentally healthy. They decided that they would like to share their knowledge in various ways such as: hold an assembly, make leaflets and posters, and have a display area in the Lane. They also asked to set up a quiet / safe space in the Lane where children may want to go when they are feeling sad. They also decided to use the gazebo in the playground to display posters and leaflets that they have made. We talked about helping others to stay happy and remembered that it is important to feel connected so the children will be enhancing playtimes by gathering resources and also learning playground games to teach to others. They came up with lots of ideas for their first meeting and we are excited about helping all the children in Primrose.


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