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Welcome to Green Class September 2023 - July 2024

July 2024

End of Year!

Today, Green class have concluded their learning on deforestation and 'Greta and the Giants' with a protest in the playground. STOP THE CHOP! 



We had an excellent Sport's Day on Monday (01.07.24). The year 3 children were incredibly well behaved and acted as great sportspeople, clapping and cheering for both their peers and other children in the school and Little Learners. Thank you to Mr Park for taking this brilliant photo of us throwing javelins. Well done Year 3!

June 2024


May 2024





YTFC came to visit us today with the winning cup! We enjoyed listening all about it and having a picture with the cup.


April 2024


'Green class have made their own roman shields linking to our History learning on Emperors and Empires. We then made our own testudo (tortoise) formation on the playground just like roman soldiers did to defend themselves from arrows and rocks.'


Today we have started our new unit on 'Beautiful Botanicals' in Art. The children each chose a daisy from the school field to sketch, paint and annotate from different perspectives, just like how a botanical artists would record their work for botanists to use in their studies. 


March 2024


Happy Easter from all of us in Green Class! I can’t believe we are over half-way through this academic year. This half term in English our first unit was on discussion texts where we wrote a balanced argument discussing whether loom bands should be allowed in schools. We are ending the term by writing poems about animals (links to the RSPCA) for the Somerset Literacy Network Competition. The children’s writing has come on significantly since September, children have reflected on this growth themselves by flicking back to September’s learning. Currently, we have a whole class focus on joined up handwriting.
In Maths, we have developed our understanding of unit and non-unit fractions, by adding and subtracting them, ordering fractions and completing problem solving activities. We are now learning about Mass and Capacity, we are measuring in different units of measurement and learning about the difference between volume and capacity.
In Science, we have carried out several experiments to test the characteristics and strengths of different magnets, when we come back after Easter – children will be learning about Plant nutrition and reproduction. The Year 3 children wanted me to note that in particular they have enjoyed, exploding our paper mâché volcano, participating in after school clubs, having a great and memorable World Book Day and they have liked the 4 and 8 times table songs on YouTube this half term.
I also wanted to mention that the children had a great time on the school trip to Taunton Museum in February, they were incredibly well behaved and represented the school beautifully. Remember that you can see photos from our school trip and other learning on Green Class page on the school website. Thankyou for all your support with home learning and reading.
We hope you have a lovely break, we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 15th April.






February 2024

Today we have exploded our volcano using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The children had lots of fun doing this. It links perfectly with our Geography learning today, features of volcanoes. Ask your children about the four different types of volcanoes. 




For design technology we have continued our unit titled 'Making it move'. This children have made two types of mechanisms with card. This is the easy bit. Soon, we will be moving on to making our own jumping cartoons using a cam mechanism. The children listened to instructions very carefully. 

In what was described by some Year 3 children as, 'the best science lesson ever', we conducted an experiment using iron filings to show the magnetic fields of a magnet on its own, two magnets attracting each other and two magnets repelling each other. The children then recorded what they had observed through sketches. 



Tuesday 6th February 2024 - Safer Internet Day. Green Class have learnt what a digital footprint is and have considered how their own usage of technology and the internet affects their individual footprints. Each child also took an online survey about their internet usage, it was interesting to hear what they get up to at home. All children could tell me three ways to stay safe online and could name a trusted adult who they could talk to if they saw something unsettling. 


January 2024

Last Friday (19th January), Green Class performed a poem to the whole school as part of our KS2 focus on Poetry. The poem was called 'Lady Winter Rap' written by Grace Nichols. We had practiced this in class quite a few times over the last two weeks.  The children performed extremely well - remembering to speak clearly, use actions, keep to a rhythm and most importantly, smile! I am incredibly proud of Green Class - Miss Wright.



Today we have made clay coil pots in line with our history learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Most children enjoyed getting messy! We will wait for the air dry clay to dry and then we will paint them. Once finished, the children will bring them home.

In Green Class, we have started our new art topic called 'Ammonites'. In our last lesson, children used their observation skills to create their own sketches of ammonites, they then used media of their choice (oil pastels, watercolours, charcoal, pencil colours) to enhance their sketches. The children were very focused with this task and produced lots of fabulous artwork. If you have an ammonite at home, please consider bringing it in to support our art unit. 


December 2023


Thank you for your donations toward our cooking ingredients. Today we made two out of the three different taco recipes (beef mince and vegetarian), on Monday we will be doing a chicken version, with another group of children. Most children cleared their plates and asked for more, they especially enjoyed the toppings bar. 

November 2023


Cooking - Potatoes are so versatile- the children were surprised that the same ingredient could make such different tasting dishes. Lots of children liked the taste of the mash and potato salad and came up for seconds and thirds! 


Playing the glockenspiel - We have been working really hard to learn and play a song called Deecee's Blues, the children enjoyed the improvisation section of the lesson. We are hoping to learn a Christmas tune over the next few weeks. 


As a part of our DT unit on Cook well, Eatwell, Green Class have made some Roast Potatoes and some chips. We learnt about how to use a knife and a peeler safely. We have learnt about how versatile and yummy potatoes are. The children have had a lot of fun this afternoon. 


Green class have created some beautiful pieces of art work with oil pastels and black card. We had a thoughtful discussion about Remembrance and the children who are Beavers spoke excitedly about their special role in the Church Remembrance Service this weekend. 

In Green Class, the children have really been enjoying our new English unit on Fables. We have been learning about the Tortoise and the Hare and the Wolf and the Lamb, carefully picking the stories apart to find their morals. We are working towards writing our own short fables.


For the start of our DT unit on Cook Well, Eat Well, we recapped on the different food groups and what it means to have a balanced diet. We also looked at a picture of a dangerous kitchen and circled the hazards and identified the risks for example, there was a man putting a metal knife into a toaster to get the toast out. We are learning about how to stay safe when cooking so that we can do some cooking over the next few weeks (preparing and cooking potatoes in different ways and making a taco filling). 

October 2023

In History, the children had a blast a few weeks ago making the Stone Age spears out of paper mâché and paint. We had lots of comments about how they looked so realistic! I hope the children have been playing sensibly with them at home. 


September 2023

The children of Green Class have had a fantastic week. They have settled in well and it has been lovely to watch their confidence grow as they get to grips with year 3 life. It has been wonderful getting to know their individual personalities and we have had lots of laughter and smiles this week already. They have been very welcoming to me as a new member of staff and I feel very lucky to be working with each and every one of them. Long may their effort and passion for learning continue. 



Welcome to Green Class September 2022 - July 2023

July 2023

Green and Blue had a great afternoon in  PE doing a versus competition. We did three legged races, egg and spoon and a relay. Congratulations to Blue Class who were victorious. Green Class will beat them next time!


May 2023

Roman Day

To celebrate our new history topic, we enjoyed a full day of Roman Activities. Each activity was based around a job or role a citizen of the Roman Empire may have had.

We are Romans - dressing like a Roman in our togas

We are Architects- in groups, we designed a Roman Town using written clues

We are Couriers- using our map skills, we planned our delivery routes across England

We are Scholars - using ourselves, we created the letters used to represent their numerical system 

We are Engineers - some of us built aqueducts for pick n mix homework. This was our chance to try them out

We are Travel Agents - created a Colosseum pop-up card 

We are Shoppers- using clay coins we made ourselves, we visited the Primrose Market and sampled some food

We are Archaeologists - a Roman Museum was created, and we had to guess what the items were or was used for 


We had author Tamsin Cooke in Green Class. We sparked our imagination with discussing what we would do in crazy situations like 'what would we do if Miss. Thompson turned into a dragon while teaching Maths?'

We talked about how to be our best selves and how to motivate ourselves to keep going when we find things tricky. On a postcard, we drew a spirit animal with some kind messages that we could keep.

Finally, we practiced our teamwork and honed our drama skills as we had to become different animals and veichles. We had great fun!


Green class have enjoyed making their Coronation Crowns today!


Green class had a lovely morning playing cricket in the sunshine!


March 2023

Science Week 2023

As part of Science Week 2023, Green Class took part in a biscuit dunking experiment! We had great fun! 


January 2023

Green class performance of the poem The Dragon who ate our school by Nick Toczek

November 2022

Green class were able to go and play on the new Trim Trail in the playground. 

September 2021 - July 2022

Green Class in music have been dancing to the beat of Disco Music.

Homework for 2nd March 2022, due 7th March. Click on link below.

Homework - 28th January 2022

Merry Christmas from Green Class 

Homework due 22nd November. 


Welcome to Green Class September 2019 - July 2020

Welcome to Green Class News page.  Here you can see what exciting things we've been learning throughout the school year. 

April Home Learning

We have been continuing with our Viking theme this week.  We have been learning about Roald Dahl and the digestive system. 

March Home Learning

The children in Green class have been very busy on their first week of home learning.  Mr Rodd has been keeping them supplied with lots of work which has included designing Viking shields and houses. As you can see there are some great creations.   The children have been writing poems, making a bug hotel and not forgetting to keep active with Joe Wicks at 9am every morning.   

January 2020

Our topic after Christmas was Water.  The children enjoyed creating the illusion of water by colouring strips horizontally, cutting them vertically and then off-setting each strip to create waves or ripples.  Tim Stevens, from Wessex Water, came to spend an afternoon with us.  He talked about the water cycle and the various items which have been flushed down people's toilets!  He told us how Wessex Water clean dirty water and then each group was given cotton wool, sand and a bottle and asked to filter some very dirty water!  Each group scored 8 out of 10 - no-one achieved the maximum score as the water would not have been safe to drink!  In Science, we have been learning about States of Matter, and exploring solids, liquids and gases.  We investigated how water can change state, which fizzy drink contained the most carbon dioxide and which temperature was best for melting chocolate!  (White chocolate melted quickest in case you were wondering!)

December 2019

December was the month of the General Election, and so Green Class held their very own election in school.  After a visit from a prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative party, we researched who the candidates were in the Yeovil constituency.  We also looked at a summary of the main parties' manifestos.  We all had a Polling Card and went into the Hall to vote.  Mrs Sherrard was the returning officer!  

In Geography, we made our volcanoes erupt using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!  We also had our performance of 'Santa's On Strike' which everyone enjoyed!

November 2019

After half term, our topic was Volcanoes.  We began this topic by making plasticine models of the Earth.  We learnt about the core, the inner core, the mantle and the crust and used different colours to represent each layer.  We also made papier mache volcanoes using plastic bottles and newspaper.  

October 2019

In October, we made an edible Roman road as a class.  The ingredients were custard creams, Bourbon biscuits, Maltesers, Smarties and custard. 

As part of our instruction writing unit in English, we wrote the recipe for an edible Roman road.  Of course, we had to sample the finished product too!  In our History sessions, we learnt about why the Roman army was so successful and we made Roman shields using red, gold and silver card. We then practised various battle formations in the Hall - the turtle was quite tricky as everyone had to move as one!

Romans Baths School Trip

Green Class had a most enjoyable day at the Roman Baths.  The children collected audio guides and explored the terrace and the museum, before seeing the Great Bath and the changing rooms.  After lunch, they participated in a workshop, led by one of the Education Officers.  During this session, they made mosaics using magnetic tiles, dressed as Romans and investigated artefacts used by the Romans when they visited the Baths. Green Class would like to thank all of the adults that accompanied them on their first school trip of the year!

September 2019

Green Class have had a great start to the new school year!  On Wednesday, Mrs Sherrard officially opened the Primrose Lane Museum.  This contains a selection of Roman artefacts which are on loan to us from the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.  The children predicted what each artefact was and then made a museum guide giving more information about each exhibit. 

n Science, we began our Electricity topic by investigating a range of different appliances.  We thought about whether each appliance was powered by mains or batteries, what its main function was, how it was controlled and identified any possible dangers.  

Green class are having ukulele lessons for 10 weeks. We are being taught by Mrs Bell. Our first lesson was great fun.

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